BBQ Cooking Tools

  • Fish Holder

    Fish Holder

    BBQ Fish Holder ITEM NO.:WG0080 MATERIAL:Placting And TPR Handle TOTAL LENGTH:67.2CM FRAME:38*13.5*2.5CM INNER WIRE DIA:1.78MM OUTER WIRE DIA:3.9MM WEIGHT:343G Features Easily Cleaned,Heat Resistance Specific Use BBQ: Material Iron: Appearance Square: Mental Thickness: 0.5mm...Read More
  • BBQ Burger Grill

    BBQ Burger Grill

    BBQ Burger Grill ITEM NO.:WG0008 MATERIAL:Chrome coating steel Solid wood handle WIRE DIA:4.5/2.5/1.5mm SIZE:62.5x33.5x3CM WEIGHT:609.5G Packaging & Shipping Packaging Details: Package of silicone tongs: 1, 1 pc/OPP/PVC bag 2, Carton size: 45*35*34cm 3, 200 pcs/carton 4,...Read More
  • Multifunction BBQ Grill Basket

    Multifunction BBQ Grill Basket

    Multifunction BBQ Grill Basket ITEM NO.:WG0011 MATERIAL:Chrome Coating Steel Solid Wood Handle TOTAL LENGTH :56CM HANDLE LENGTH:12.9CM WIRE DIA:2.88/3.3/2.34MM WEIGTH:793G FRAME SIZE:31.5*24*5.8CM Features Easily Cleaned,Heat Resistance Specific Use BBQ: Material Iron:...Read More
  • Grill Pan

    Grill Pan

    BBQ Grill Pan ITEM NO.:WP0011 MATERIAL:Iron And Non-stick Coating THICKNESS:1.3MM SIZE:34.2*30*6.3CM WEIGHT:867.50GRead More
  • Roasting Pan

    Roasting Pan

    BBQ ROASTING PAN ITEM NO.:WP0014 MATERIAL:Iron Non-stick Coating THICKNESS:1.0MM SIZE:45.5x32.8x2.5CM WEIGHT:635GRead More
  • Stainless Steel Griddle

    Stainless Steel Griddle

    BBQ Stainless Steel Griddle ITEM NO.:WP0015 MATERIAL:STAINLESS STEEL THICKNESS:1.1MM SIZE:39.8*29.4*2CM WEIGHT:966GRead More
  • Stainless Steel Grill Tray

    Stainless Steel Grill Tray

    BBQ Stainless Steel Grill Tray ITEM NO.:WP0145 MATERIAL:STAINLESS STEEL SIZE:34.7*24.4*2.4CM WEIGHT:358.5GRead More
  • Non Stick Grill Pan

    Non Stick Grill Pan

    BBQ Non Stick Grill Pan ITEM NO.:WP0221 MATERIAL:Iron Non stick Coating THICKNESS:1.0MM SIZE:44.5*30*4CM WEIGHT:898GRead More
  • Enamel Grill Pan

    Enamel Grill Pan

    BBQ Enamel Grill Pan ITEM NO.:WP0174 MATERIAL:Iron Non-stick Coating THICKNESS:0.48MM SIZE:34.5*24*2.5CM WEIGHT:299.5GRead More
  • Grill Skiillet

    Grill Skiillet

    BBQ Grill Skillet ITEM NO.:WP0004 MATERIAL:Stainless Steel THICKNESS:1.32MM SIZE:33.8*28.5*5.3CM WEIGHT:504.5GRead More
  • Griddle Pan

    Griddle Pan

    BBQ Griddle Pan ITEM NO.:WP0129 MATERIAL:Iron Non Stick Coating THICKNESS:1.2MM SIZE:27.7*18.8CM WEIGHT:530GRead More
  • Skillet Pan

    Skillet Pan

    BBQ Skillet Pan ITEM NO.:WP0137 MATERIAL:Stainless Steel THICKNESS:1.0MM SIZE:23.7*19.2*7CM WEIGHT:417.5GRead More
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