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How do you make a simple barbecue
- May 14, 2018 -

1, material selection

Generally used are food grade empty barrels, such barrels are not like an oil tank full of pungent industrial flavor, suitable for barbecue. You can choose a honey bucket.

2. Cut the bucket

After cleaning the empty bucket, use a grinder to cut a big mouth (1/3 sides) above the empty barrel, then tighten the cut side and link it with hinges. Used as a barbecue lid.

3. Making support

Six pipes can be used, two for supporting barrels, and four for barbecue stents. It is time to take full consideration of activity when making.

4. Make barbecue net frame

This needs to be bought from the hardware store, and the south of Hebei recommends the best use of stainless steel products. This will be cheaper when compared to environmental protection. The underneath is the place where the carbon blocks are placed. At this time, a net frame is needed to keep the carbon block at a lower position in the bucket, so that the carbon block and the air can be fully exposed.

5. Handle

The difference between the oil barbecue grill and the ordinary barbecue is that it needs a handle to turn over, and it needs to use non heat transfer items, such as wooden sticks.

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