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Precautions when baking food
- May 14, 2018 -

1. Firing: The oven is cleaned and put away first. Charcoal (sulphur charcoal) is added to ignite. The charcoal is fully burned, and then the charcoal fire is padded with a pair of pliers to form a fire layer with a thickness of 1.5-2 cm.

2. Roasting: The food is placed on the surface of the stove, and all the meat and pork ribs are baked directly on the brush (both sides are brushed), and baked again and again. It looks like the oil tumbling, the color turns white and turns yellow to indicate maturity, and the chicken feet should be roasted until deep-fried. The chicken wings are roasted and roasted into yellow foam. The chicken legs are roasted and roasted with a knife to blanch oil until brown, there is no blood spillage. Mature. The length of baking time should be based on the size of the fire, and the type of rice, but it must not be burned. Brush the oil while baking, and sprinkle with hot powder, cumin or powder when the food is roasted until it reaches maturity. Brush with oil and bake it for a while. It can be sold at the stove. No hot and spicy powder.

3, vegetables should be placed on the furnace surface, and then add the vegetable powder, brush with a brush and wet evenly, over and over to put the eggplant, etc. roast soft baked small roasted yellow can be sprinkled with spicy powder, 孜 then brush The oil is sold in ovens for a few seconds.

Note: 1, use vegetable oil, salad oil, disable sesame oil, lard and so on.

4, after the brush is oiled, the excess oil should be wiped off the oil tank, and brushing on the string does not fall into the fire.

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