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What should be paid attention to in the outdoor BBQ
- May 14, 2018 -

In outdoor barbecue, the most important thing is safety. We must also pay attention to three aspects: fire prevention, scalding and food safety.

Fire prevention: keep away from combustible materials when choosing barbecue sites. Close to the water source. And use a bucket container to prepare the water. Put it next to the oven, just in case. Once there is a hidden danger.

Put out the water in time. Even if there is a risk, do not be nervous. The early fire is easy to put out. Tension will enlarge the situation. After the field barbecue. Make sure that the fire source has completely extinguished before leaving the scene.

Anti scalding: when barbecue in the outdoor, the fixed condition of the oven is poor. So don't play in the barbecue.  The oven itself has a high temperature. Never touch. It is also necessary to prepare some anti scalding drugs.

Food hygiene: in outdoor barbecue, people's mood is relaxed, there is a strong sense of return to nature, it is easy to follow the impulse of the ancients. Food is not eaten until it is completely roasted, so it is very easy to have food safety problems. Food is not well preserved in outdoor storage, so it should be eaten as early as possible. We should carefully confirm the freshness of food exposed to air for a long time.  Decide whether it is appropriate to eat.

Also, pay attention to:

Do not use open fire when the charcoal has just started to burn with heavy smoke and fire, it is not suitable for barbecue at this time. For your health, please start the barbecue after the smoke and fire disappear!

Environmental protection, please clean up the rubbish generated in the activity, take it away or cast it to the designated place. Especially charcoal and plastic bags, it is difficult to break down. During the barbecue process, we should carefully protect all kinds of green plants and water sources. Do not fiddle with the carbon in the stove, it will destroy the natural air circulation and heat transmission channel, resulting in the flameout.

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