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Why is the barbecue called BBQ?
- May 14, 2018 -

The abbreviation of the word "Barbecue" is BBQ, which means barbecue. This is an interesting way of cooking, a bit like the roast lamb kebabs in Xinjiang, China. BBQ is usually carried out outdoors. When people go out, they usually put charcoal on the barbecue, then fire the charcoal with fire, then put the barbecue frame on the top of the charcoal, then put the raw fish, meat and other food on the barbecue frame and apply some sauce and pepper noodles to the food. In western countries, barbecue is a popular cooking method when people have outdoor picnics or camping out. BBQ is also very common on Christmas party in Australia and New Zealand. BBQ is the abbreviation of barbecue. It can not read by single letter, but should read /ba:bikju.

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