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Choice Of Barbecue Tools
- May 14, 2018 -

There are many kinds of barbecue tools according to the different methods, such as fire roasting, charcoal fire, oven roasting, mud burning, bamboo roasting, iron plate burning, stone plate burning and stone? Rice are all barbecue. In movies and TV plays, a wooden stick is often seen in a scene where a chicken or rabbit roasts on a campfire.

Some field survival books often talk about this roasting method. In fact, this roast method is not worth recommending. It is not suitable for the general people to show fire barbecue. It is not suitable to master the fire, and the fire barbecue is more likely to produce harmful substances to the human body. At the same time, campfires in the field are more dangerous to the environment. Several barbecue ways compare only the charcoal fire barbecue operation is convenient, easy to control, the damage to the environment is the most small, the most kind of roast food is the most abundant, it is suggested that people use carbon fire in the field barbecue. The tools used for charcoal barbecue include barbecue, carbon, drill, knife, fish clip, toothpick and so on. The common barbecue stoves on the market are apple cooker, light stoves and so on.

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