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How To Make A Fire And Cut Meat On An Outdoor Barbecue?
- May 14, 2018 -

To make a fire and cut meat, the two skills will succeed in hand barbecue.

How to make a fire

Need material : oven, charcoal, briquettes, lighter oil

1. Put the charcoal and briquettes in the middle of the oven and stack them into a mountainous shape.

2. Soak 1/2 of charcoal in lighter oil. The oil is left standing for one minute, ignited with a long-handed igniter, and then put into a heaped coal ball;

3. Let the briquettes burn for 30 minutes until the surface is covered with char

4. Complete the preparation of the coal balls with long pliers.

5. If you have a chimney or waste newspaper, you can replace the lighter oil.

Second, how to cut meat

You need to cut the meat on the barbecue and have different cuts for different meats to make your skewers more delicious.

1. Crude fiber, such as beef and mutton, is cut along the grain when cut, allowing the fiber to be cut as much as possible, so that the meat is soft and easy to chew.

2. Pork is tenderer than beef, and it is older than fish. The cut-off pork should not be loosely eaten and it should not be stuffed. When cutting fat, avoid slippery hands cutting, and let cool water cut effort.

3. Fish and chicken tender and tender, chicken cross-cutting, oblique cutting, along the cut can be, cut the fish when the fish should face down, cut into the knife edge.

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