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Teach You How To Barbecue
- May 14, 2018 -

Mastery of roasting

Roast meat: thin slices of meat can be cooked in about 3 minutes, and should not be baked for too long. Otherwise, if the meat becomes hard or burnt, it will not taste good. The pork must be cooked until well cooked, and the beef should not be roasted until full cooked, otherwise it will damage the barbecued meat.

Seafood and fish: clams and fillets are best wrapped in tin foil when barbecue, so it is not easy to scorch fish skin, and easy to store delicious soup. The roast for about 2~3 minutes. The fish slices are raised and eaten. Tempura, hot dogs, sausages and so on: as far as possible, use small fires. Besides vegetables, it is best to put them in tin foil boxes, barbecue in a smoldering way, and the better the fire.

Clean grill

Before barbecue, brush the oil on the grill to avoid sticking food on the rack. Wash the residue on the grill with iron and keep the grill clean without affecting the flavor of the food. Turning the food on the grill and turning it over and over will not only prolong the roasting time, but also destroy the protein and cause the meat to harden. When roasting food, the food must be heated to a certain extent before it can be turned over easily. If the surface is turned over, some of the food is stuck on the net frame, indicating that the protein has not been completely heated, and the hard pull will only tear the protein fiber, if the fish will form a desquamation.

Replenish water

The longer the food in the barbecue process, the greater the loss of water and grease, the more dry the taste. Therefore, in the barbecue process, the amount of barbecue sauce should be properly brushed on the food, which can keep the food moist. But be careful not to brush too much at a time, resulting in salty food.

The use of salt

Salt can be used for flavoring. In addition, in the process of barbecue, many fatty foods are heated after heating, which will produce a high flame by burning the charcoal, and the food on the grilled grid frame. Sprinkling water will only produce food contaminated by soot. If you sprinkle some salt in the fire, you can solve the problem.

Rhombus roast mark

The diamond rhombus bake mark can absolutely make the barbecue technology more icing on the cake. It is not difficult to roast a rhombic roast mark. First, the temperature of the carbon fire is required to be hot enough, and then the food is placed on the grill with a 30 degree angle. When the food is fully heated, the food is turned to the opposite direction of the 30 degree angle, and the rhombic roast mark can be formed.

Charcoal use

The best option for fuel is charcoal, and try not to use chemical charcoal. The special flavor of charcoal food comes from the smell of barbecue food at high temperature. Therefore, choosing charcoal is the foundation of delicious food. Good quality charcoal fires usually burn for a long time, and the fire is good. It is best to choose branches from charcoal instead of using whole stems. When firing, use a package of 5 seeds and put 5 in one time. When the charcoal should be burnt to the transparent red heat, it will be roasted, and when the surface of the charcoal has not been burned through, please do not rush to grill, so it is easy to dirty the food and make black.

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