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What Are The Barbecue Tools?
- May 14, 2018 -

The tool first has a portable barbecue, green charcoal, barbecue fork, brushes, lighter, seasoning (oil, salt, sauce, honey, barbecue special flavoring, etc.), cutters (easy to cut), portable plastic bowls, a few pairs of chopsticks, mineral water (or other drinks), and a garbage bag (which needs environmental protection).

Grill (Barbecue), probably the most primitive way of cooking, is to heat and dry the air with fuel, and to place food in a hot dry air where it is closer to the heat source. Generally speaking, barbecue is cooking on fire (mostly meat, seafood, vegetables) to edible; in modern society, because there are many ways of using fire, the way of barbecue is gradually diversified, and various kinds of barbecue, barbecue, barbecue sauce have been developed.

Barbecue itself has become a multi party entertainment or business. In China and in Asia, the Americas and Europe, barbecue is usually small to the family, the collective activity of the school and the collective activities of some companies.

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