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What Do You Need To Prepare For Your Own Barbecue?
- May 14, 2018 -

Barbecue frame, drill bit, high quality carbon. This is all necessary

Food suitable for barbecue

Some of the more common categories

Meat: sausages, mutton, beef, chicken wings, all kinds of fish balls, shrimp balls, meatballs, cuttlefish balls, sheep waist, Yang Genjin, chicken neck, chicken cock, chicken willow, sheep whip and so on.

Fish and shrimp: fish (all kinds), squid, cuttlefish, shrimp, snails, dried fish fillet, crab, ribbon, fresh shellfish.

Vegetables: corn, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, potatoes, green peppers, radishes, lettuce, onion, broccoli, taro, yam, scallion.

Fruit: fragrant, sugar cane, pineapple.

Others: bread slice, steamed bread slice, steamed buns, small pancake, chocolate, cotton candy, bean gluten, bean curd skin, bean curd, tofu block,

It can be served with some barbecue sauce and honey.

Meat, you can use it, you can use it.

Seasoning cumin powder, salt, ginger, monosodium glutamate, seafood sauce. Sesame paste。。 Chili patse。。

Chicken wings and so on, put them in salt and roast, which I used when I was on TV and roasted chicken wings. Good taste, a little India flavor.

Barbecue skill

1. "direct barbecue" and "indirect barbecue"

Barbecue can have a variety of ways, such as burning, braising, baking, and frying, among which "burning" belongs to the open fire barbecue, also called direct barbecue; and other kinds are called indirect barbecue.

A, direct barbecue

(1) put the ball in the center of the carbon frame of the barbecue furnace.

2. Put the vegetables and meat in the center of the roasting net for barbecue.

B, indirect barbecue

(1) the ball of carbon is ignited and placed at both ends of the carbon frame.

Meat vegetables are placed in the middle of the roasting grill.

3. Cover the stove lid, adjust the heat with the air door, and cook the food by fumigation.

2. barbecue time and mastery of common food

The quality of barbecue food is influenced by many factors such as the length of barbecue time, the mastery of heat, the selection of barbecue equipment, and even the environment at that time. In order to get the best barbecue effect, the above factors can not be ignored, especially the control of barbecue time and heat.

In general, the time of indirect barbecue is longer than that of direct barbecue.

3. step of barbecue

(1) a layer of charcoal was laid on the carbon network and heaped into Pyramid shape, and the fuel was poured into the charcoal, and the charcoal was fully absorbed. The time was about one minute. The pre prepared strip paper was ignited into the furnace and the charcoal began to burn. If you are afraid of clearing up trouble, you can use an aluminum foil under the charcoal, but the combustion will be affected.

The charcoal began to burn, with a small amount of black smoke. At this point, add the roast net. After 10-15 minutes of burning, the flame gradually decreased or disappeared, and the white ash on the surface of the charcoal showed that it had reached the ideal barbecue temperature. At this point, the charcoal is evenly spread out, and the hand is placed above the baking net, and the hands are heated.

3. Bake the food evenly in the center of the roasting net, and strive for uniform heating.

4. During the barbecue process, the position of food should be adjusted according to need so as to make the parts evenly heated. For example, large and thick food such as barbecued beef should be cooked on one side and then on the other side, otherwise it will be difficult to roast and scorch.

When you barbecue, do not forget to smear some oil on the food string, and do not turn over the food at any time. This baked food tastes more fragrant and is not easy to cook.  When cooked, spread your favorite sauce and add seasoning.

First, wash the meat and vegetables that should be roasted, then cut the meat into 2-4 cm long, 0.8 centimeter square strips of meat (also self determined): the ribs are priced according to your market price; after the fish scaled, the fish scavenging and cleaning the intestine to grow up to 12 centimeters or the length of the whole fish: lotus root to wear the lotus root. Then the bamboo slips are put in a string: the meat is in a T-shaped shape: fish, eggplant and so on.

Four, roasting

1, fire: first, clean up the oven, add charcoal (Su Tan) ignite, carbon full combustion, and then the carbon fire tongs to lay the thickness of 1.5-2 cm high fire layer.

2, roast: put food on the stove surface, all meat and spareribs direct brush oil (both sides of the brush) baked, and then roast. The string looks like the oil bubble tumbling, the color turns white to yellowing to express maturity, chicken paws should be baked to a deep fried sound, chicken wings roasted into yellow blister, roast edge of chicken leg grilled edge with a knife to brushing oil to the yellow, there is no blood overflow to represent maturity. The length of baking should be determined according to the size of the fire and the variety of the string, but must not be scorched. Brush the oil while baking, and sprinkle with spicy powder, cumin or powder when the food is roasted to medium well. Brush the oil and cook it slightly. It can be sold on the stove, not spicy or spicy.

3, vegetables should be placed on the stove surface, then add vegetable powder, brush wet brush evenly with oil, turn the eggplant and other baked soft baked yellow baking yellow can be sprinkled with spicy powder, after cumin, brush oil in a few seconds to plant the furnace

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